Serenity – Tiny Movie Review


“Jaws” meets “Interstellar” and then nothing happens.


The main protagonist, Baker Dill, is living a peaceful life on an island. Fishing and commercial tours around the island help him make ends meet and his goal-turned-obsession is to catch a giant tuna he calls “Justice”. Tranquility is shaken when his ex-wife shows up on the island asking him to murder her violent husband who is now the stepfather of Dill’s son.

What I liked about it

  • The role-playing game feel of the entire movie.
  • The unexpected twist, for a second, until I realized it won’t go anywhere.
  • That it makes you keep watching even though you know it’s a pretty bad movie.
  • The end scenes, but not necessarily the ending. And that it ended.*

What I didn’t like about it

  • The unexpected twist, when I realized it won’t go anywhere.
  • The senseless rest of the movie.

My favorite scene

  • Any Diane Lane scene.

*If you don’t understand much from my review, don’t blame me and definitely don’t blame yourself. Watch the movie and you will see why no one really knows anything about it.


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Movie Data

Year: 2019. Main Cast:  Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane. Company: Blue Budgie Films Limited, Global Road Entertainment, and others.



6/10 Pineapples


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