AI Wrote These Poems About the Four Seasons

My journey testing Chatsonic’s features continues.

This time I was interested in its ability to write poetry.

So I asked it to write a short poem about Spring — Yes, I am looking forward to warmer days than what we experience right now in Europe.

Since the first one was promising, I had it write short poems about each of the four seasons.

One thing led to another and there I was a few minutes later generating images to illustrate each poetry bit — my reliable partner in crime is NightCafé Creator.

The test was fun and you can check out the results below.


The morning air is so sweet and light,

As the world awakes in blooming sight.

The birds sing and the sun is bright,

The world is coming to life tonight.

Take a moment to breathe in the air,

As the beauty of Spring is so fair.

The beauty and joy just can’t compare,

To the season that’s flowing everywhere.


The days are long, the sunlight strong,

It’s the summertime, where things go wrong.

The heat is on, the days are bright,

It’s the season of the sun’s white light.


The golden leaves now draw their breath,

As the sun moves closer to its death.

The trees, so silent and so still,

Wait patiently to bend and fill.


Snow flutters from the sky,

Filling up the barren land.

It blankets the world in white,

Bringing a chill to the air.

The wind blows a cold gust,

Singing a somber song.

The sun rises slowly,

Gently bringing warmth along.

So, what do you think?

Are the poems good, considering this is a computer program generating them?

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