AI Advice: What Humanity Must Do to Save Itself from Self-Destruction.

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Saving Humanity, One AI at a Time.

It’s funny that we can now “ask” Artificial Intelligence — powered chatbots philosophical questions or attempt to find out their input regarding humanity’s most complex problems.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with Chatsonic, a chatbot by Writesonic.

I previously asked this bot and Rytr to give an opinion regarding clickbait titles.

Is Clickbait Ever a Good Strategy for Content Writing?

Now I think it’s time for a more serious question.

I asked Chatsonic “What should humanity do to save itself from self-destruction”?

Here is what it had to say:

“Humanity must focus on finding sustainable solutions to the challenges it is facing, such as climate change, poverty, and conflict. We must strive to develop equitable systems that ensure access to basic needs and resources for all people. We must also prioritize education and awareness so that people can be empowered to make informed decisions about their lives and the planet. Finally, we must embrace a culture of empathy, respect, and compassion that values all life on Earth.”

Not a bad answer but I do find it a little biased.

Themes such as “climate change” in terms of urgency, and “equitable systems” that here means — I think — equality of opportunity, are concepts shared by radical ideologies and scientific perspectives alike. I do not know which version of these themes the AI suggested.

I guess our biases get pushed into AI’s learning process. One more thing to be extremely careful about.

The last two ideas are my favorites though. The chatbot linked humanity’s survival to education, awareness, informed decisions, empathy, respect, and compassion, as well as addressed it in the context of life in general.

Not a bad perspective, coming from a system that lacks consciousness.

P.S. The subtitle — “Saving Humanity, One AI at a Time.” — comes from, another AI writer that I enjoy using.

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