10 Amazing AI-generated Images of Desserts and Sweets

Sugary treats illustrated by Artificial Intelligence.

Ever since I discovered NightCafé Creator, I was amazed by its capabilities to generate impressive images from text input.

Not going to lie, it became a guilty pleasure since it is easier for me to find time to create an illustration using Artificial Intelligence than to actually sit down and draw it from scratch.

It’s a fun way to both capture an idea and bring it to life.

AI-generated art and human-generated digital art are two stand-alone forms to express one’s creativity.

No need to start a virtue battle between the two.

I do not see them as extremes of the creative process.

People make art through a variety of media. AI-powered software is one of them. Let’s move on.


I used NightCafé Creator to generate hundreds of images — both free and Pro plans —, with each new creation learning more about optimizing the prompt and therefore, the result.

I published many of them, not because I thought they were the mark of artistic genius — lol — but because I wanted to share the various results with those interested in the same form of art.

You can check out my profile, here.


You’re here for the desserts. I almost forgot, sorry.

Here are 10 of my best AI-generated Images depicting various sweets and desserts, in no particular order.

Note: Prints and other products that include the images can be purchased here. I get a small commission from the sales.


1. Macaron — Pop Art

2. Ice Cream — Pop Art

3. Piece of Cake — Pop Art


4. Cotton Candy — Pop Art


5. Candy Land — Pop Art


6. Tray of Macarons — Pop Art


7. Chocolate Cake — Vintage Style

8. Cupcakes — Vintage Style


9. Flying Ice Cream Cones — Pop Art


10. More Macarons — Pop Art


And no, macarons are not my favorite dessert. But they look great in color, don’t they?

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